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Quality Bathroom Safety & Incontinence Products

At Elk Grove Medical Supplies, we provide bathroom safety and incontinence products. Our goal is to help you maintain your safety, dignity, and independence.

 Incontinence Products

High quality at a discount price is what you will find with us. We offer the best from McKesson™, and Medline™. Best sellers include Extra Adult Pull-Ups, All-Thru-the-Night Briefs, and adult incontinence washcloths.

Whether you are taking care of a loved one, or living with problems of your own, our products can improve the quality of your life. These absorbent products including underwear, briefs, pull-ups, adult diapers, pads, guards, liners, re-useable underpads and disposable underpads.

Adult Diapers - Incontinence Products
• Urinals
• Shampoo Caps
• Moisture Barrier Creams
• Calazime Paste Skin Protectant
• Bed Pans
• Zinc Oxide Creams
• Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves
• No-Rinse Shampoo & Body Wash

• Dry Wipes
• Vinyl Gloves
• Aloe Vesta™ Perineal Skin Cleanser

Bathroom Safety

Our bathroom safety products allow you to create a safe, functional environment. Whether you're installing new equipment, or replacing old equipment, we make it easy through our large selection of high quality. Speak to a member of our staff today and see how we can improve your safety and lifestyle through selection and price.

Bathroom Safety Inventory:

• Commodes
• Tub Grab Bars
• Transfer Benches
• Suction Cup Grab Bars
• Shower Chairs with Back
• Shower Hoses with Shutoff Valve
• Shower Chairs with Arms & Backs
• Safety Poles
• Shower Stools
• Folding Shower Benches
• Padded Transfer Benches
• Shower Chairs - No Back No Arms
• Transfer Benches with Commode
• Drill Grab Bars
• Toilet Safety Rails
• Drop-Arm Commodes
• Sliding Transfer Benches
• Rolling Shower/Commodes
• Bariatric Shower Chairs with Back
• Toilet Seat Risers with/without Arms
Toilet Seat with Arms - Incontinence Products

Contact us to learn more about bathroom safety and incontinence products.