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Simple Walking Aids & Mobility Devices

Walker - Walking Aids

Stay active and healthy with walking aids from Elk Grove Medical Supplies, or get the mobility devices you need to accomplish everyday tasks from our California business.  We have a wide range of equipment and accessories that you are sure to enjoy.

Mobility Devices

When you have trouble walking, our walking aids can keep you on your feet. We'll help you find the best walker to improve your mobility while ensuring your comfort. Our staff members will provide advice and answer any questions you might have. All walking aides are different, and your decision will be affected by your activity level. Low mobility means that you have trouble getting up, walking short distances, and need more support for independent walking.



Medium mobility means that you can walk for a few minutes, but longer walks or going up stairs is strenuous. High mobility patients are active and get around easily, but may need assistance getting up, and may tire after a long-distance stroll.

Mobility Devices Inventory:

• Canes
• Scooters
• Walkers
• 2-Button Folding Walkers


Mobility is important to everyone. We do everything we can to ensure you are able to get around comfortably, including helping you choose the perfect wheelchair to suit your needs.

• Transport • Heavy Duty
• Lightweight
Standard Wheelchairs:
• 16 Inches • 18 Inches
Bariatric Wheel Chairs:
• 20 Inches • 22 Inches
Reclining Wheelchairs:
• 16 Inches • 18 Inches  
• Special Orders • Elevated Leg Rests

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