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Proven Wound Care

Count on the staff at Elk Grove Medical Supplies in California to provide the finest in wound care products to meet your medical needs. Our goal is to ensure you always have exactly what you need to enjoy the best care, fastest healing, and most comfortable lifestyle possible.

Wound Care

Our wound care products provide essential first aid for cuts, scrapes, and more. By using the proper care products, ointments, and bandages, you can ensure proper healing. Most small wounds can be treated at home, but large wounds should be seen by a healthcare professional for proper treatment, which may include stitches or tetanus shots.

Wound Dressing - Wound Care

Tips for Faster Healing:

• Use a Thin Layer of Ointment or Antibiotic
• Use a Bandage to Cover the Wound & Help Keep It Clean
• Check Wound Daily & Change Bandage When Necessary
• Clean the Area to Reduce Risk of Infection
• Stop the Bleeding by Applying Pressure or Running
  under Cold Water

Wound Care Inventory:

• Skin Protectant
• No Sting Barrier Film
• Slit IV™ Sponge
• No-Sting Skin Prep Wipe
• Wound Cleanser
• Foam Dressing
• Adhesive Remover
• Alcohol Prep Pads
• 4X4 Sponges
• Abdominal Pad
• Sterile Gauze Pads
• Soft Cloth Surgical Tape
• Skin Cleanser Spray
• Unna's™ Boot Bandage

• Gauze Bandage Roll
• Transpore™ Surgical Tape
• Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap

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