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Equipment Rentals

In addition to the equipment and supplies we sell, Elk Grove Medical Supplies also carries a range of equipment rental options. Count on us to provide the finest equipment to meet your medical needs.

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds

These are generally used for people who are bedridden or unable to get out of a normal bed. They come with remotes to control the height of the legs and head, as well as a lever to control the height of the head.

Hydraulic Patient Lifts

These patient lifts are designed to help get people out of furniture they can't get up from themselves. Whatever the reason for the problem, these patient lifts are great help.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are a huge help when a leg or foot is unusable. Just rest your knee on the cushioned seat and use your good leg to push yourself around. They're much easier than crutches.

Manual Wheelchairs

When you can't walk, manual wheelchairs provide a useful option. These wheelchairs are easy and safe to push around using the large wheels.


Our mobility scooters are an excellent resource, especially for outdoor mobility. They move faster and go further than most Power Chairs, which we also rent for indoor use. Power Chairs maneuver well, and most turn on a dime.

Transport Wheel Chairs

These chairs are great for those who can't push themselves in a wheelchair. The person in the chair is pushed by someone else.